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The sophisticated character of charming slate and handsome cedar have never been easier. We deliver nature's authentic beauty and wonderful textures by meticulously crafting InSpire Slate and Cedar Shake with molds cast from slate and cedar. Our durable, sustainable, compression-molded mix means that you'll never have to deal with the issues typically associated with such striking curb appeal.

Unlike with cedar, you'll never have to constantly remove debris, use harsh chemicals or worry about rotting. And with the InSpire Cedar Shake roofing system's Class A fire protection, you're assured of the highest level of fire resistance. InSpire Slate weighs less than a third of quarried slate for cost savings, and comes with none of the fragility. All InSpire Roofing tiles feature a 110 mph wind uplift rating, Class 4 impact resistance, a limited lifetime warranty and genuine elegance.

InSpire Roofing Products are the solution for your aesthetic, quality, durability and environmental needs. InSpire's Shake and Slate beauty start with our advanced compression-molded mix of limestone and virgin resins. Sustainability is built in with up to 10 percent recycled material in each tile, and a variety of green building certification credits available. Our long-life cycle products are also backed by a limited lifetime warranty.


InSpire is available in an industry-leading spectrum of 31 colors.

nSpire impresses with the true authenticity of slate to create memorable, extraordinary homes. With significantly less effort and cost, InSpire provides the majestic character of natural slate while surpassing its performance.

InSpire is available in an industry-leading spectrum of 31 colors. Our vibrant colors can be used exclusively or mixed and matched for sophisticated, one-of-a-kind style.

With Old-World charm, InSpire is decidedly advanced in its engineering and versatility. It is the only compression-molded slate tile in the industry, crafted using slate molds so that every detail of layered edging and unique surface texture is genuinely true to life.

Our quality aesthetics come with the protection of a limited lifetime warranty and outstanding durability; 110 mph wind uplift rating, Class 4 impact resistance and Class A fire rating system. InSpire is UV-protected and impermeable, and will not fade, crack or curl.

Stone Black

Dover Grey

Slate Grey

Pewter Grey


Emerald Green

Brick Red

Chestnut Brown

Moss Green

Forest Green

Grey/Black Blend

Green/Grey Blend

Plum/Green Blend

Charcoal Grey


InSpire Mixes deliver uncommon elegance through boldly-appealing multiple colors.

Kingsford Grey


One of our five-color mixes, Greencastle delivers a sublime, traditional elegance with shades that impart timeless character and a feel of enduring strength. Greencastle is composed of Forest Green, Moss Green, Slate Grey, Emerald Green and Charcoal Grey.


One of our five-color mixes, Manchester displays extraordinary contrast and elegant appeal with a richly-handsome palette. Dark hues of traditional slate colors create a sense of subtle strength. Manchester is composed of Emerald Green, Plum, Dover Grey, Pewter Grey and Stone Black.

Smokey Grey

Smokey Grey, simple yet sophisticated, showcases a rich field of attractive hues. Grey has never looked so good, been more versatile or commanded such attention. Smokey Grey is composed of Slate Grey, Dover Grey and Charcoal Grey.


Cranbrook's majestic aesthetic centers on varying shades of grey with complementary colors that inject energy and vibrant depth. Cranbrook is composed of Moss Green, Charcoal Grey, Slate Grey and Plum.


Cool Roofing Mix

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