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Have you and your family outgrown your Central Virginia home, but still love your neighborhood and property? With an addition or remodel from BNW Builders, you can have it all! Instead of moving, why not build an addition onto your house that meets your needs? Make your home bigger by adding another room or two, or more. How about an entirely new floor? Whether you live in Richmond, Chesterfield, Fredericksburg, Petersburg or nearby, let the building experts at BNW Builders help you to create a new space you will surely love, by building a new addition onto your home.

BNW Builders wants you to know, putting an addition onto your home, may not cost as much as you think. We have a lot tentative callers, that initially wonder if it's even possible, turn into clients who absolutely LOVE their new and improved home addition. If it might be you that's wondering, read on...


Getting Ideas For Home Improvement

What type of addition are you looking for? Think about its use, location and size. Browsing through the Internet can help specify your tastes. We would recommend using Houzz.com for inspiration. Once you have a good idea about what you would like, then you are ready for the planning phase. If you are still stumped and confused by all the overwhelming possibilities out there, that's okay too, we can help!

Planning For Your Home Addition

Give us a call! A brainstorming session with your general contractor is a must, in order to create a structurally sound, and realistic functional design for your home improvement project in Richmond or surrounding areas. Once your ideas have been born, mulled-over and discussed, BNW Builders will create an actual blueprint of your vision for your home addition. Do you already have your plans on paper or an existing blueprint? Bring them along with you!

Finishing Touches

One of the best parts of creating your own addition is the attention to custom detail. Want to use your Grandmother's antique chandelier or the modern sink bowl you have always wanted to install? No problem. At BNW Builders, we can help select your finishing touches for you, or you can hand pick exactly what makes you happy. More often then not, this is the part where most homeowners spend a lot of money. It is a good idea to determine what finishing touches should be used, as early as the ideas and planning stages, to maintain a stable and predictable project. Our goal is to make your new addition everything you have dreamed of, within a budget you can afford.




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